About me

Italian and deeply rooted in the Mediterranean, I have been living in Warsaw, Poland, for over 7 years now.
A compact camera stolen during a trip to Guatemala lit the spark of buying a second hand SLR and attending my first photography classes. It was 2004. I still can’t tell what triggered that spark, since I had never really thought before to photography as to something I could do myself. But I am every day more grateful it happened.
My photography deeply changed with time. It changes with me, it has always been and will always be.
And I continue changing thanks to photography. It is the mirror of my inner world, of my personal way of connecting with what is around me, rather than pretending to be its exact representation.
I had the privilege to study photography at the Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design (http://www.wsfoto.art.pl) and at the WSP Photography in Rome (http://www.collettivowsp.org).
I met there people who love photography passionately and share with generosity. I learned from them the importance of emptying your mind to see clearly inside and outside, of being empathic and compassionate, as well as the value that determination, discipline and a clear objective add to a sincere passion.
I could not ask for more to be a better person and a better photographer.
Currently, telling stories by images and searching for original visions of everyday life are my main interests.